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KN – Kitchen Cabinet – Refrigerator Wall – W301224-W362124 BS


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  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE – Our design allows for easy assembly. You’ll be enjoying your new kitchen in no time!
  • VERSATILE STYLE – The shaker cabinets are designed to fit into any kitchen, no matter the size or layout.
  • SOFT-CLOSE – Our cabinet doors and drawers close slowly and quietly. This feature helps protect your cabinets from damage.
  • ADJUSTABLE SHELVING – All cabinets include adjustable shelving for maximum storage and flexibility.
  • LARGE STORAGE DRAWER – Each cabinet with drawers includes a large storage drawer for utensils, cookbooks, or anything else you need to store.
  • DURABLE AND MODERN – Our cabinets are made of solid wood with a durable finish that will last through years of use.
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Brand Kraft Nation
Item model Number KN-KC-W-W301224-W362124-BS
Color Blue
Style Shaker
Category Wall
Cabinet Dimension (Wide x Tall x Depth) Inches  (30″x18″x24″) , (30″x21″x24″) , (33″x18″x24″) , (33″x21″x24″) , (36″x12″x24″) , (36″x15″x24″) , (36″x18″x24″) , (36″x21″x24″) , (42″x12″x24″)

Cabinet Box Material 1/2″ A-Grade Plywood
Shelves Material 3/4″ A-Grade Plywood
Drawer Box Material 5/8″ Wood
Door and Drawer Front Panel Material Wood
Door Hinge 6-way Adjustable soft-close
Finish type Painted
Mounting type Surface Mount
Assembly Material Metal L-Brackets

Refrigerator Wall 301824", Refrigerator Wall 302124", Refrigerator Wall 331824", Refrigerator Wall 332124", Refrigerator Wall 361224", Refrigerator Wall 361524", Refrigerator Wall 361824", Refrigerator Wall 362124", Refrigerator Wall 422124", Refrigerator Wall 481224"

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